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Icon FontEditor - Serenity font editor



$ FontEditor [file]


FontEditor is the font editing application for creating and editing bitmap font files in SerenityOS.

#Basic Parts

FontEditor has the following basic parts:

  1. The menu bar at the top
  2. The toolbar
  3. The main workspace
  4. The status bar at the bottom

Presently, you can resize the entire FontEditor form to your liking. You can turn the visibility of Font Metadata and Unicode Blocks on or off. You can change the glyph editor window zoom factor. All of these things are currently available in FontEditor automatically.

#The Toolbar

The Toolbar contains the same functional entries as that of the Menubar and is represented as clickable icons. Hovering on each icon will display additional information listed in the status bar which further states what each icon does.

#The Main Workspace

The main workspace has three partitions:

#The status bar

The status bar displays additional information describing what each menu entry and toolbar icon does. It identifies the unicode value of the glyph currently under the cursor. It shows the glyph's visual representation (if available), description and dimensions. The right-most segment displays the code point range of the currently selected Unicode Block. Clicking this segment will toggle the display of the Unicode Block list. Second only to the glyph editor window, the status bar is your next best friend on your path to becoming a font master.

#Tutorial: Create a new font

To create a new font, you can either click on New Font icon on the Toolbar or go to File → New Font in the Menubar. A wizard will walk you through setting the needed parameters for your new font.

#Typeface Properties

You can try out the default values just to get the feel of the program.

#Glyph Properties

Just click Finish when you are so inclined.

#Edit Glyph Properties

Adjust the values to suit your needs. The higher the value, the larger the font size.

#Untitled font

Congratulations on your successful initial font setup. Now you are ready to begin. And begin you shall. There is more to font creation than simply scribbling away. You need to always remind yourself this question: "Where is the fun in that?". Start with what you need to do while striving to achieve fun in the process. Let's be honest, font creation is one of the many thankless jobs, unless and until there is fun in it, why bother?

#Launch another instance

The figure above shows where you can find FontEditor from inside the SerenityOS desktop.

#Side by side

Having another instance of FontEditor can help boost productivity. This is most noticeable when one is just starting out in using FontEditor and trying out how to best make use of the application. Don't be afraid to experiment, let your inner font master slowly shine through. It is best to maintain the feeling of having fun while silently grinning from ear to ear as you steadily create form and personality in your font. Don't be afraid to start again, if you must. As with the entire workflow, being aware when to start, when to stop and when to reset is crucial. With FontEditor to assist you, starting from scratch is no longer an arduous process.

#Save font

Save your font by following the recommended FontName + FontStyle + FontPresentationSize + .font naming convention.

#Continue Editing

The figure above shows some previously made glyphs. Those with sharp eyes can immediately see that the glyphs for M and W, O and Q came from the same base. W was copied over from M and was flipped horizontally. Q was copied over from O and a descender was added to achieve the final glyph. Continue editing your font by adding more glyphs into it. Take your time in creating the font, only you know the reason why the glyph is formed the way it is. You know why the height and the width is so, why the curvature is just so. Aside from achieving balance, maintain the spirit of fun in making your font. The more glyphs are added, the easier it is to get the general feel and character of the font. Remember to always save and to save often.

It is highly recommended to use our own fonts portal as one of your primary resource for glyph and font information. The others are Unicode charts [] and our wiki.

#Search glyph

Figure above depicts a search session on the portal.

#Search detail

The same search session displaying result of the previous query.

So there you have it, by now you have at least an idea of how to make SerenityOS fonts using FontEditor. For any font-related questions or inquiries, just drop by the official SerenityOS Discord #fonts.