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$ Help
$ Help [section] page
$ Help search_query
$ Help file


Help is Serenity's digital manual, the GUI counterpart to man. It lets you search for and read manual pages (or "man pages").


The SerenityOS manual is split into the following sections, or chapters:

  1. User programs
  2. System calls
  3. Libraries
  4. Special files
  5. File formats
  6. Games
  7. Miscellanea
  8. Sysadmin tools

Sections are subject to change in the future.


To open Help:

$ Help

To open documentation for the echo command:

$ Help echo

To open the documentation for the mkdir command:

$ Help 1 mkdir

Conversely, to open the documentation about the mkdir() syscall:

$ Help 2 mkdir


Help looks for man pages under /usr/share/man. For example, this man page should be located at /usr/share/man/man1/

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