adjtime(1) - SerenityOS man pages


adjtime - print remaining system clock adjustment, and optionally set it


$ adjtime [options...]


adjtime -s delta_seconds will smoothly adjust the system time by slowing it down (if delta_seconds is negative) or speeding it up (if delta_seconds is positive) by a fraction of a second. The larger delta_seconds is, the longer this takes. If delta_seconds is set and a previous time adjustment is in progress, the remaining adjustment is canceled. That is, if adjtime -s 1 is called, and then adjtime -s 1 is called again later when only 0.3s of the first adjtime call have been applied yet, the clock is adjusted by 1.3 seconds total, not by 2 seconds.

adjtime also prints the remaining system clock adjustment.



# adjtime -s 4.2
# sleep 1 && adjtime