echo(1) - SerenityOS man pages


echo - print the given text


$ echo [-ne] [text...]


Print the given text to the standard output. If multiple texts are provided, they will be joined with a space character. If no text is provided, an empty line will be printed.

Character escape sequences and their meanings are as follows:

\\a - <alert>

\\b - <backspace>

\\c - Suppress the output of all remaining characters, including the trailing newline.

\\e - The escape character (\\033).

\\f - <form-feed>

\\n - <newline>

\\r - <carriage-return>

\\t - <tab>

\\v - <vertical-tab>

\\\\ - The backslash character (\\).

\\0ooo - A byte whose value is a zero, one, two, or three-digit octal number.

\\xHH - A byte whose value is a two-digit hexadecimal number.

\\uHHHH - An unicode code point whose value is a four-digit hexadecimal number.



$ echo hello friends!
hello friends!
$ echo -ne '\x68\x65\x6c\x6c\x6f' 'friends\041\n'
hello friends!