unzip(1) - SerenityOS man pages


unzip - extract files from a ZIP archive


$ unzip file.zip [files...]


unzip will extract files from a zip archive to the current directory.

The program is compatible with the PKZIP file format specification.

The optional [files] argument can be used to only extract specific files within the archive (using wildcards) during the unzip process. A _ can be used as a single-character wildcard, and * can be used as a variable-length wildcard.


# Unzip the contents from archive.zip
$ unzip archive.zip
Archive: archive.zip
 extracting: file1.txt
 extracting: file2.png
# Unzip select files from archive.zip, according to a filter
$ unzip archive.zip "*.tx_"
Archive: archive.unzip
 extracting: file1.txt