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UI Dimensions


UI Dimension (or GUI::UIDimension in c++) is a special, union — of positive integer and enum — like, type that is used to represent dimensions in a user interface context.

It can either store positive integers ≥0 or special meaning values from a pre determined set.

Basic Syntax

In GML UI Dimensions that are "regular" values (integer ≥0) are represented by JSON's int type, while "special" values are represented by their name as a JSON string type.

Special Values

Special Values carry size information that would otherwise not be intuitively possible to be transported by an integer (positive or negative) alone.

Importantly, while any "regular" (i.e. int ≥0) UI Dimension values might (by convention) be assigned to any UI Dimension property, many properties only allow a subset of the "special" values to be assigned to them.

Name c++ name GML/JSON representation General meaning
Regular GUI::SpecialDimension::Regular (mock) int ≥0 This is a regular integer value specifying a specific size
Grow GUI::SpecialDimension::Grow "grow" Grow to the maximum size the surrounding allows
OpportunisticGrow GUI::SpecialDimension::OpportunisticGrow "opportunistic_grow" Grow when the opportunity arises, meaning — only when all other widgets have already grown to their maximum size, and only opportunistically growing widgets are left
Fit GUI::SpecialDimension::Fit "fit" Grow exactly to the size of the surrounding as determined by other factors, but do not call for e.g. expansion of the parent container itself
Shrink GUI::SpecialDimension::Shrink "shrink" Shrink to the smallest size possible