GML/Widget/TabWidget(5) - SerenityOS man pages


GML Tab Widget


Defines a GUI tab widget.




@GUI::TabWidget {
  uniform_tabs: true
  @GUI::Widget {
    title: "First tab"
  @GUI::Widget {
    title: "Second tab"

Registered Properties

Property Type Possible values Description
container_margins margins Margins for the tab content
reorder_allowed bool true or false Allow changing the order of the tabs
show_close_buttons bool true or false Show a close button on each tab
show_tab_bar bool true or false Whether to display the tabs
text_alignment text_alignment Center, CenterLeft, CenterRight, TopLeft, TopRight, BottomLeft, BottomRight Set the alignment of tab text
tab_position tab_position Top, Bottom, Left, Right Set the tab position
uniform_tabs bool true or false Give all tabs the same width