clipboard(5) - SerenityOS man pages


clipboard - Data formats specific to Clipboard and drag & drop


The clipboard feature works through the Clipboard server, which generally acts as a global storage or three things:

See also Userland/Libraries/LibGUI/Clipboard.h.

Drag & drop

In contrast to the clipboard, the drag & drop feature works through WindowServer, and a bouquet of data is transmitted:

Drag & drop is most prominently supported by File Manager, Spreadsheet, and Terminal. Various applications accept drag & drop to open files.

glyph/x-fonteditor (Clipboard-only)

Requires the metadata-fields count (count of glyphs copied) and first_glyph (lowest codepoint that is copied), encoded as decimal strings.

The data contains code point (encoded as host-endian u32), width and height (as u8's) and glyph bitmap data. It is encoded in width times height many bytes, either 0 (clear) or 1 (set).

Implemented in FontEditor::MainWidget::copy_selected_glyphs and FontEditor::MainWidget::paste_glyphs, in Userland/Applications/FontEditor/MainWidget.cpp.

image/x-serenityos (Clipboard-only)

Requires the metadata-fields width, height, scale, format (see Gfx::BitmapFormat), and pitch, encoded as decimal strings.

The data is encoded according to Gfx::determine_storage_format(BitmapFormat), so either as BGRx8888, BGRA8888, RGBA8888, or 8-bit palette index. Note that the palette is not transferred.

Implemented in Clipboard::set_bitmap and Clipboard::DataAndType::as_bitmap().

text/uri-list (Clipboard and drag & drop)

Newline-delimited set of URIs. Used by File Manager, FileSystemModel, and Terminal.