font(5) - SerenityOS man pages


font - Bitmap Font File format (.font)


Font files contain bitmap definitions of fonts (Gfx::BitmapFont).


Bitmap fonts can be either varying-width or fixed-width. The first four bytes of font files contain the filemagic: !Fnt (0x21466e74).

In addition, Gfx::BitmapFont supports reading from and writing to font files (as well as reading directly from memory) and the question mark '?' used as a fallback for unknown glyphs or emojis.


The order is big-endian.

Size Member name
4 bytes Filemagic
1 byte Glyph width
1 byte Glyph height
2 bytes Range mask size
1 byte Variable width flag
1 byte Glyph spacing
1 byte Baseline
1 byte Mean line
1 byte Presentation size
2 bytes Weight
1 byte Slope
32 bytes Name
32 bytes Family

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