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test-js - run the LibJS test suite


$ test-js [options...] [path]


test-js runs the LibJS test suite located in /home/anon/Test/js-tests. These tests are using a custom JavaScript testing framework inspired by Jest (see test-common.js).

It also supports the test262 parser tests.

The test root directory is assumed to be /home/anon/Tests/js-tests, or $SERENITY_SOURCE_DIR/Userland/Libraries/LibJS/Tests when using the Lagom build. Optionally you can pass a custom path to test-js to override these defaults.

You can disable output from dbgln() calls by setting the DISABLE_DBG_OUTPUT environment variable.



A very simple test looks like this:

describe("Examples from Gary Bernhardt's 'Wat' talk", () => {
    test("Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na Batman!", () => {
        expect(Array(16).join("wat" - 1) + " Batman!").toBe(
            "NaNNaNNaNNaNNaNNaNNaNNaNNaNNaNNaNNaNNaNNaNNaN Batman!"

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